Why She Dumped You

If you were to conduct a poll over who handled break-ups worse, men or women, you may be surprised to learn that men are usually the more vindictive. Although they won’t necessarily show it, guys are sinisterly shouting “die, die, die” in their minds. Girls might just slash your tires.

Using a dating site to find the girl that’s right for you can be an easy and quick way to grab a girlfriend, but there’s no guarantee that things are going to work out. Underneath all the hyped-up commercials and bus-adorning billboards, relationships are still relationships.

Don’t take it hard, though. Get your butt back on the dating site horse! Ride, cowboy, ride! And, in hindsight, if you want to know why she dumped you, here are a few possible reasons.

Why she might have dumped you

Sad sack

Sex isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Okay, we’re just kidding… kinda. If you can’t satisfy a woman in bed, there’s no guarantee that she’s going to hold your hand and tell you that it’s okay. If you’re lucky, she won’t emasculate you to your face, but just know that your lack of people-pleasing prowess may be the reason.

Heavy baggage

While you’re first hooking up on a dating site, your emotional baggage might not be overly evident. Once you’re together with a girl, though, she’s able to tell if you’re still hung-up on your ex or if you have some serious mothering issues. Baggage-heavy guys are usually toast.


While it’s true that a lot of women seek out those father figures and protectors, they still don’t want some clingy control freak on their case about everyone they speak to, everywhere they go, etc. Possessive guys don’t stay in the game for long.

Better prospects

Although we can’t paint every woman with the same brush, most women do succumb to natural evolution, I.E. natural selection. If they find a better prospect on the horizon, girls aren’t really the type to hold onto two boyfriends. Guys might try to juggle, but girls will usually let the little fish go.