Why She Likes Funny Men

We hear it time and time again: women absolutely love funny men. Okay, this really is true enough, by and large. There are 59 million guys out there right now pondering over jokes to tell you. However, it’s hard to be funny, especially on a dating site, and it’s never funny when you force it.

Humor has to come naturally. Forced comedy, like those physical comedian schmucks, is a novelty that becomes aggravating after about, oh, 10 minutes. So, unfortunately for all you guys using dating sites, this article isn’t about how you can instantly be funny. Maybe they sell a pill for that?

This article is about why she likes funny guys.

If he can make me laugh, then…

Laughter is usually involuntary. A girl can just be sitting there, as serious as she wants to be, and a funny guy can literally pull laughter from her. Girls often wonder just how amazing the sex might be with a guy like that.

It’s just fun

You have to think here: laughing and having fun with a guy is certainly better than the alternative. Can you imagine Kurt Cobain’s girlfriends? Well, scratch that – you can. Just look at Courtney Love. Eww! Laughing because a guy is funny beats frowning because he’s a depression case.


Whether we’re talking about those quick comebacks, the ironic and sarcastic humor, or even the observational comedy, most funny, quick-witted guys are also very intelligent guys. Okay, so many girls aren’t overly crazy about bookworms, but intelligent men do rather well.

A constant perk-up

There’s nothing like being cheered up when you’re having a bad day. A funny man, the type that doesn’t have to try to be, can make his lady feel better when she’s feeling her worst, and most women appreciate this.