Why Work Workplace Romances Never Pan Out

Everyone wants to find love but sometimes finding it in the workplace is the wrong idea. There are many things that you should be made aware of before you embark on this journey. Remember, dating makes you feel great but working is your livelihood. If you get into the wrong relationship at the workplace, you might feel forced to quit and then who will pay the rent now?

Why Should You Avoid the Office?

The first reason why you should never submit to a workplace relationship is due to the fact that you will create a reputation for yourself after a while. Whether you are the person asking or being asked out, people will automatically begin to judge you. Is it right? No. Does it happen? More than you would like to know. Therefore, if your reputation in your workplace is valuable to you, you may want to avoid this situation.

If you do accept the date, it could end up being a nightmare so what do you think is going to happen in the office the next day? Besides there being a lot of chatter, there is going to be a lot of negative energy floating around the workplace. This is not comfortable for anyone to work in. Even if your date is a success, you may end up breaking up. When this happens, the situation is even worse because this person knows intimate details about your life. Depending on how the break up goes down, this person may release a press release to the office about your naughty habits or the kinky things you like to do.

The Upside to Dating in the Office

Dating in the office is not completely wrong. You might actually find a person who you truly fall head over heals about. So how do you offset the workplace romance and make a working relationship last? The first thing you can do is find a date who does not work directly with you. If he is located on a different floor and in a different department then dating in the workplace has a better chance of happening. Also if you are currently working at the job but are looking for a new one, there is no harm in trying to start an office place romance because you will be out of there soon enough and avoid the hassle of a bad break up or constant gossip. If you are a senior who is about to retire or move onto a new job, senior dating can work in the job place.