Wintertime First Date Ideas

Just because it’s December, that doesn’t mean that online dating sites are receiving any less action. In fact, since it’s around the holiday season, many couples made through the world of online dating are actually jumping the gun a little bit and deciding to meet in order to share some holiday cheer.

Hopefully, every person using dating sites out there will get to find someone special and go out on a great date. Here are a few wintertime dating ideas for you to use when the time comes.

Home cooking

Having the first date at either your place or your date’s place is totally underrated, especially during the wintertime. Cooking a nice meal together and snuggling up by the fireplace (or the electric floor heater) is a great way to be intimate and cozy without being overtly sexual. It’s a great first date idea for this time of season.

Sleigh bells

Going sledding with your date is a great way to experience the winter season in style. This is a very fun date idea that turns the elements into your personal amusement park. Being outside and active also helps you to avoid those awkward first date moments.


Ice skating, or even skiing, is another great outdoor activity to try for a first date. Of course, you’ll need a little bit of skill for this. But if you’ve ever watched Rocky, then you know that skating can still be romantic even if you don’t necessarily know how (catch Adrienne and feel the electricity).

Make a show of it

Instead of setting for the usual movie theater, go ahead and support your local community theater by seeing a real show instead of some Hollywood movie. This is a great wintertime experience, and you can find various productions put on that match with the season.

These are great first date ideas that you can really use to make a great impression and pave the way for a second date.