How to Write an Online Dating Profile

As you have probably heard before, honesty is always the best policy. When using an online dating service, you are encouraged to be as honest and open as you possibly can, because you really only have the trust factor to work on. But every once in a while, people give a little TMI when trying to score a bit date, and they just end up scaring others away.

Look, I’m all for being open and truthful, but believe me when I say that NOT telling every little thing about yourself can actually be a good thing and can help you in the long run. So we’ll run over ten things to keep silent.

Dating profile writing

These are in no particular order of importance, and a list of ten certainly doesn’t cover the variable endless things you should keep on the hush.

  1. Whether a guy or girl, don’t tell someone how many times you’ve been laid. It’s just tasteless and will send most people running for the hills. They’ll either think you’re a sexual animal, only concerned about lust – or worse, a loser! Mums the word on this!
  2. Shut up about your salary! Like with the sex thing, people might think you’re the proverbial loser if it’s too low. And if it’s a good salary, you’re going to attract the gold-diggers out there.
  3. Never show your weakness. I know people like to be emotional when they’re taking that big leap, but don’t come across like you’re a sissy – especially if you’re a guy.
  4. Nobody cares that you’re macho! This is for the guys mostly. You should never be bragging about fights or the ability to kick some butt. You’re not Bruce Lee, and you’ll most likely just convince the girl that you’re a violent college kid who hasn’t grown up.
  5. Don’t force your humor through. You may be a funny person, but always telling jokes and trying to earn a laugh eventually comes across as pathetic. If you’re funny, you’re funny – it doesn’t have to be integrated into each sentence.
  6. Check your enormous ego at the door. Even if you’re not a cocky person by nature, there will be certain things that you’re able to do better than your prospective partner. Keep these things on the hush. It will sound like you’re rubbing it in.
  7. Nobody really cares about your grooming habits. When girls talk about it, it makes guys think they’re fake. When guys talk about it, it grosses girls out.
  8. Never throw the “busy” word out there. In online dating relationships, your partner may inquire about where you were and why you didn’t send them a message. It is okay to explain your absence in detail, but saying, “I couldn’t because I was busy” sounds rude and like you don’t have time for them.
  9. Don’t mention your ex in any context of comparison. It’s okay to bad-mouth that ex flame, even though you don’t want to make a habit of it! But comparing to your partner to your ex in any way is something you should definitely not do.
  10. Unless your relationship is at that certain point, don’t go telling your online fling that you’re horny or wanting sex. It’s a surefire way to make their attitude about you instantly change.

There are plenty of other don’ts that could have made the list, but these ten make up a solid list worth remembering when it comes to writing a dating profile and getting people interested in you.