Writing a Great Love Letter

Practically speaking, dating sites aren’t really anything that’s “new,” in terms of how people meet one another. For centuries, letter carriers were transporting text to loved ones, people were playing matchmaker and hooking up Joe with a Jane he never met, and kings and queens often browsed portraits of potential mates before deciding to meet.

When you get right down to it, dating sites were destined to work, because the methods have basically worked out since the beginning of recorded history.

One part about dating someone online is writing the proverbial love letter. In a perfect world, two hearts would gently blend and meld into one. In the world we live in, someone usually has to show the initiative and tell the other how they’re feeling.

Tips to help you write a great love letter

Be true to yourself

A lot of us think that it’s okay to steal words and clichés from someone else. Okay. So, let another person kiss the person you love then, or even sleep with them. Oh, that’s not okay? Then remember to use your words; it’s your love.

Remember the recipient

The idea here needs to be to express your feelings. This isn’t the time to be self-serving and to go into a rant about how happy and in love you are. It doesn’t need to be sappy; it just needs to relay the message.

Be serious

If you’re not taking the letter seriously, then you shouldn’t write it. This means that you should be working on your grammar and your format. You should be writing like an adult and not using the texting language to tell the tale.

Intent beats originality

In any love letter, you want to be coherent with someone. A lot of people try so hard to be original that they end up writing around the topic, loading the document down with some purple prose that comes across like the Da Vinci Code instead of a straightforward letter. Be clear to your intent and save the color and just how your love from the heart.